Due to concerns of the COVID-19 virus in our community in-person sessions are suspended until further notice. Video sessions and support by email and telephone are available. Please contact me by email for further information.

Helping children and families to more positive and fulfilling lives

​Sometimes things beyond our control affect the way our lives function: loss, stress, trauma, change, and mental health challenges take their toll on our self esteem and feelings of well being.

Child and family therapy can help us return to our optimal functioning by identifying places we are emotionally ‘stuck’ and areas of needed growth.

My approach to therapy is collaborative. You and I work together to identify your family and child's strengths and to develop new skills. My practice focuses on therapy with children and their families, and I have specialized training in trauma work, child development, parenting and positive behavior management. 

I work with different ages and types of people depending upon their needs and what therapeutic approach (or a combination) works best for them.

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My office will usually be closed anytime local schools are closed (except summer break). Please check above or ask your therapist for specific closures.