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To Make An Appointment:


Please email me if you would like more information or to schedule your first appointment.


You may request a free 30 minute consultation to discuss my treatment approach, fees, etc. or to determine if my treatment style is a good match for you. Otherwise, your initial appointment will be for the full hour at the regular fee.

TherapyNotes Client Portal

I utilize a HIPAA compliant electronic medical record and billing system called TherapyNotes. All necessary forms can be electronically signed and uploaded through that site. This requires an invitation from me.


Once you have received it, create a portal account and look for the necessary forms to be completed.

To View, Schedule, Cancel or Change an Appointment:

Please use your TherapyNotes Client Portal to view upcoming appointments, or to make, cancel or change an appointment. Be sure to check which appointment type you are requesting: In-person or Telehealth.

The TherapyNotes Client Portal can be reached here:

Consent for Care


Children Under 13 require permission of both parents or guardian to engage in therapy services. While children over 13 may give their own consent for therapy services, it is my policy to request both the child and the parent’s consent for treatment and for release of confidential information. Parents should be advised that if your child is over 13 your permission may not be legally required.

Your information is by law confidential. I require your written authorization to release any information related to your care with me. Please complete any needed Consents for Release of Information (such as to your insurance company, your child's school or primary care physician.)



Telehealth or In-Person Appointments

These appointment types are not interchangeable. Please keep the type of appointment you scheduled. If you desire to make a change, please contact your provider and give at least 4 hours notice.


Telehealth appointments are conducted using TherapyNotes client portal, a HIPAA compliant video conferencing service. You will need a client portal account. Please contact me to set this up if you don't already have one. 

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