COVID-19 Protocols to Help Keep Us All Healthy and Safe


We are observing the following protocols to help reduce COVID-19 in our community:

- Do not come to the office if you are feeling ill or have a known exposure to COVID-19. 

- Please limit the number of people in the waiting room to no more than 3 from your immediate household.

- Please wear a mask unless you are fully vaccinated AND discuss it with your provider.

- All children under 12 must wear masks.

- Appointments are scheduled with a 15 minute buffer to be sure there is no cross-over of families in the office.

- Please do not enter the waiting room more than 5 minutes before your appointment.

- High touch services are sanitized daily.

- Please wash your hands upon arrival. 

- Please complete the COVID symptom questionnaire (upper right or available in the office) if you intend to come to the office with symptoms.

- A liberal cancellation policy will allow for COVID-19 related cancellations without charge.